Cottage Garden

Relax in our Cottage Garden. Take a seat at the picnic bench under the old almond tree. Listen to the galahs and parakeets in the old gums at the front of the cottage.

Roses, lavender, hollyhocks, rosemary and daisy, flowers from the garden of yesteryear, and that dark red rose with the most magnificent perfume.  In summer there is a small, local blue tongue lizard that sometimes visits the garden, wandering under the leaf litter foraging for food.

You can sit on the back veranda, wind protected and enjoy the sunshine in the afternoon. A dozey afternoon cuppa, feet up, listening to the local sounds of nature.

We have a rainwater tank at the rear of the garden, offering rainwater for that refreshing cup of tea.

The back gate is sign posted, so you make sure you arrive at Emma Tiver Cottage in the row of 6 miner’s cottage known as Tiver’s Row.