Coming to Burra

A wonderful country town, which has preserved the history of the mining boom. Emma Tiver Heritage Cottage is one such gem. Located in Tiver’s Row of six miner cottage. Cottage 12 offers all the modern features of today’s homes with a bundle of features for the past.

Many historic buildings in Burra were built by James Tiver. The Town Hall is a great example of his building expertise. Tiver’s Row was built to accommodate some of the miner’s families. The row of six cottages were loving restored by Maureen and Barry Wright and offer luxurious comfort for your stay.

Burra offers some great eateries and hotels:

·         White Cedars                                     

·         Burra Motor Inn                                  

·         Bon Accord Hotel                               

·         Burra Hotel                                         

·         Royal Exchange Hotel                       

·         Polly’s Tea Rooms                            

·         Gaslight Collectables             

·         St Just’s Café                                    

·         Cook O’Burra                                     

·         Bakery            


You can visit many of the sites in Burra, just pick up a key from the Visitor’s Centre and wander through the Red Ruth Goal (used in the Breaker Morant film), or visit the underground brewery (where Russell Crowe filmed part of the Water Diviner’s Movie). The visit must include a visit to the Copper mine and the miner’s dugouts where some miner’s families lived in the walls of the Burra Creek.